All work will be performed to the extent noted in handwriting on the front page of this form. Work will be performed in a workmanlike manner according to industry standards. Any changes to the work to be performed under this proposal required by the Landowner that involves extra costs will not be made in the absence of a written change order signed by Mickey’s Roofing Company, Inc., (hereinafter “Contractor”) and Landowner. Contractor is not responsible for damage resulting from events beyond Contractor’s control, including, but not limited to, acts of God and force majeure. Landowner shall carry property and casualty insurance protecting the property that is the subject of this agreement against loss caused by fire, weather, and other such perils. Contractor shall have general liability insurance covering all work in progress and its employees shall be covered by Workers’ Compensation. 

Landowner may void this agreement by written notice to Mr. Nate Fouty delivered within the first 72 hours of signing of this agreement. 


Contractor is not responsible for achieving an exact match on small batch shingle or siding repairs. To achieve a perfect color match, all-new roofing or siding must generally be installed. If a customer is not satisfied with color variations on small-batch work, Contractor’s liability shall be limited to providing an estimate for replacing such small-batch work with all-new construction, which work will be undertaken solely at Landowner’s option and expense. 

Contractor is not responsible for achieving an exact match on touch-up of already painted, stained, or otherwise finished surfaces. If a customer is not satisfied with color variations after such work, Contractor’s liability is limited to providing an estimate for repainting, re-staining, or otherwise re-finishing of the entire surface to achieve the desired match. Such follow-on work will be undertaken at the Landowner’s option but solely at the Landowner’s expense. 


Landowner understands that roofing, siding, and other such work generates noise, shocks, dust and other side-effects of making improvements. Landowner shall secure pictures, shelved valuables, and otherwise protect any and all such items that might be damaged before work commences. Landowner shall notify Contractor in writing of any unusual or special concerns Landowner may have in this regard well before work commences. 

Satellite equipment will be removed if deemed necessary by Contractor to properly install roofing, siding, or to make various other repairs. If removed, Contractor will reinstall such equipment to the best of Contractor’s ability, but Landowner is responsible for recalibrating or re-aligning such equipment and for all costs associated with that task. 

Local Regulations: Landowner is responsible for compliance with all building code, zoning and other regulations that may apply to Landowner’s project, including local permit requirements. At Landowner’s request, Contractor may be able to provide some direction, guidance and/or advice concerning such matters, but Contractor assumes no liability with regard to such direction, guidance and/or advice and Landowner is not entitled to rely thereon.


To our homeowners and contractors, We Customers’ suggest that a snow retention system be installed on all new metal roofs. Sliding ice and snow can do damage fascia, soffit, gutters, landscaping and can be a danger for humans and pets. An estimate for a snow retention system can be provided at your request.

Before commencing with metal roof installation:

Oil Canning is anticipated on any metal that attached to more than one flashing.  This oil canning can be expected whether the metal is striated or smooth. Mickeys Roofing is not responsible for the look of Oil Canning under any circumstances.


All terms and conditions above this section apply as well as the terms and conditions listed in this section.

Mickeys Roofing is not responsible for any leaks prior to or during the install process of the new roof.

Mickeys Roofing is not responsible for any leaks that occur during the building process caused by unfinished penetrations, such as, but not limited to, pipes, vents, walls, chimneys or other unfinished roof protrusions. 

If Mickey’s Roofing is called back to look for leaks and determines that the source of the leak is not related to the roofing materials or installation, then a technician’s then current hourly fees will be invoiced directly to the customer and or contractor with a minimum 1 hour or $75 fee.

Mickeys Roofing will often “dry in” a roof prior to the installation of the new roof. The above rules will apply to any such “dry in”.

Mickeys Roofing will complete the roof in a timely manner according to the weather. Additional fees will apply if the customer/ contractor stops the process to have Mickey’s Roofing set up on another portion of the job in order to dry something in. Technician hourly fees will apply to tear down and or set up for the new section. A minimum 1-hour fee for all Technicians on the job will apply.

Additional hourly fees for Technicians will be applied to final invoice for any unforeseen needs to install the roof correctly. Such items may include such as, but not limited to, custom flashing color other than white or brown; custom made flashings that were not discussed prior to the start of the project; non-standard material fabrication; and additional work not calculated into original estimate.

Before commencing with the roof installation:

All exterior details of the house should be completed. Mickeys Roofing will supply a mock sample of flashing details so siding/stone/brick/ trim can be held off until roof is installed. Mickeys roofing will not be responsible for the installation of any of these items. Before finish products of siding are installed, contractor must sign off that he is satisfied with the installation of the roof and that Mickeys roofing will not be held responsible for any damage to the roofing moving forward. (Pictures may be taken to show any such detail.)