Welcome To Mickey's Roofing, We Are a Professional & Established Roofing Company located in Granville, OH.

Quality Roofing Services in Newark

Mickey’s Roofing has been serving Central Ohio for over 50 years, specializing in roofing and gutters. We are locally owned and operated and a member of the Better Business Bureau. We are also fully insured, covered by workers’ compensation and general liability.

Roofing Services in Newark, Ohio

Mickey’s Roofing is a solid roofing organization that has been doing business for a very long time, so we have some expertise in roofing and gutters. Being completely guaranteed and covered by worker’s compensation and general liability, you can trust us to take care of business. Communication with our clients is a top priority for us,  meaning we will not hold back to give you brief assessing, making sense of each of the means that go into the work we’ll do on your home, and furthermore answer any inquiries that you might have about our work. Go ahead and get in touch with us and we can give a rundown of references, we stand by the quality of our work!

At times, another rooftop can make your home look shiny new and give your home a new look. Installing a new rooftop is an incredible method for enlivening your home and make your home look how you desire it to. Whether your rooftop is broken, need a drain wipe out, or simply need to supplant your rooftop, Mickey’s can take care of your concern! A portion of the roofing services we give include:

Our roofing process can vary from house-to-house, so we will send an expert from our team to come and take all the necessary measurements so we can give you a fast and accurate estimate for your roofing project. We don’t just want to work on your roof and be done, we want you to understand our process every step of the way. No matter what you and your roof needs, Mickey’s will be able to provide!

Along with installing new roofs, Mickey’s Roofing also provides repair and maintenance services for existing roofs. We don’t stop at roof repairs however, we also work with gutters, skylights, chimneys, and pipes. The repair services that we provide are: