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Fall Gutter Maintenance


Gutter Clean Outs

The fall foliage is coming down and gutters are plugging up everywhere. We will begin unplugging gutters as the leaves come down. Plugged gutters can lead to severe basement flooding, foundation problems, and flower bed erosion. A plugged gutter above a roof can even cause a leak. Proper water drainage from your roof top to the ground is a key element in protecting your home.
Why should you have Mickey’s Roofing clean your gutters? When we clean your gutters, we check over your roof for any other problems or issues you may have and advise you of what needs done to correct the issues. Leaves and foliage not only collect in your gutters, but also in valleys, behind roof protrusions such as chimneys, skylights, and louvers and these are areas that can be potential areas for leaks if not cleaned around. So you get a gutter cleaned out, the roof cleaned off and a roof inspection all in once.
Sure you could have a neighbor kid or a friend jump up and do it, but the problem with that is there is a risk of them falling and getting hurt. We carry General Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation for situations like this. You could hire a company that says they do gutter clean outs as one of their services, but are they qualified to check your roof over and advise you of its condition? Can they advise you of potential problems, and are they carrying the correct insurance for their men to climb on your roof? Do they have the right equipment to do the jobs safely and efficiently? These are important things to think about for such a simple job. Having Mickey’s Roofing clean your gutters is much cheaper in the long run unless you like to take chances.
Twice a year gutter clean outs are needed. We do them in early June and again in late November or early December.

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Mickey’s Roofing has been serving Central Ohio for 50 years. Roofing and gutters is our specialties.

We are a locally owned & operated member of the Better Business Bureau. We are fully insured, covered by workers compensation and general liability. What sets us apart is out commitment to service. We provide next day estimates. Calling our customers to explain next steps, answers questions, and concerns is a top priority for us. No job is too big or too small. Our jobsites are left cleaned and to the customers satisfaction.
References can be provided with before and after pictures. You can contact us by email, phone, or complete our online form.

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